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Various kinds of Snow Removal Tools You Should Know About

Ice and snow can cause different problems for a property owner. If snow removal is not carried out, your driveways, sidewalks or parking lots can get eroded. Ice also increases the risk of fall and injuries, endangering he safety of your family members, customers or employees.

This is why snow removal is essential. Marcine & Roussel Company has been providing professional and personalized property maintenance services to commercial clients for over 30 years. We provide snow removal for all types of commercial buildings including:


• Service stations
• Office buildings
• Condominiums
• Retail properties
• Industrial buildings


In this blog post, our expert technicians discuss the types of snow removal tools that can be of help in winters.


• Snow shovels
They are one of the most important tools to keep in handy when it starts snowing. They can be used to push, dig and remove snow. There are different kinds of snow shovels available in the market and each option offers a different approach to clear the snow. The type of shovel you require depends on the average snowfall in your area.


• Snow pushers
These devices are equipped with big pushers that can scoop out large amounts of snow at one go. Some of these pushers are ideal when the snowfall is under six or seven inches deep. If possible, select an option with wheels to make the process easier.


• Roof rakes
Snow accumulation on the rooftop is a major hazard in winter. Rooftop snow removal is difficult and can result in the formation of ice dams. A roof rake can be used for removing snow and preventing unwanted roof damage. They come equipped with long handles and plastic sheeting to safely scrape snow to the ground.• Snow blowers
It is the most ideal equipment to remove snow. These tools are lightweight and don’t need more pushing power than what’s needed to mow a lawn. They also don’t need gas or oil for functioning. A snow blower will be an ideal tool in case of heavy snowfalls. • Hand scraper
It is important to clean the snow from not only your surroundings but also from the surface of your cars. Hand scrapers can safely remove ice accumulated on car bodies.

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