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Essential Tips for Parking Lot Maintenance

Maintaining parking lots regularly is essential to lessen their natural wear and tear. A parking lot allows residential and commercial properties to park cars and helps keep them safe. The average parking lot will last anywhere between 10 to 20 years with proper upkeep. Poorly maintained parking lots can be dangerous to your vehicles and also to pedestrians. They are often affected by standing water, increased traffic or harsh weather. Routine inspection and strategic planning will ensure your parking lot is in good condition. Count on Marcine & Roussel Company for parking lot repair and maintenance in Toronto. We have been providing reliable property maintenance services along with asphalt paving repair and commercial property services since 1985.

Tips for Proper Parking Lot Maintenance

To ensure your parking lot doesn’t suffer extensive damage, here are some tips to maintain your parking lot:

1.     Regular Inspection 

Check your parking regularly to eliminate major future issues, especially after heavy rain or snow. Asphalt parking lots can be damaged with standing water or harsh weather. Maintain a record for issues such as cracks, potholes or faded markings and resolve them immediately. If you are unable to perform a visual inspection, it’s better to ask a professional to help you analyze the situation.

2.     Frequent Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a process of adding a layer of coal tar to your asphalt parking lot. It helps fill tiny cracks and protects your pavement from harmful sun damage or chemical spills. Sealcoating also gives your parking lot a brand new appearance and helps restore its colour. With sealcoating, you will have fewer repairs and the pavement will last longer. The frequency of sealcoating depends on weather conditions and vehicle traffic; however, it’s best to perform sealcoating every two to three years.

3.     Maintain Drainage System

Proper drainage allows water, after heavy storms, to channel away from the parking lot. Standing water for a prolonged time will seep into the asphalt pavement leading to surface damage. Regularly check your drains for blockage or accumulation of debris. Check if your parking lot has a catch basin that helps drain water. Clean the catch basin regularly for leaves or debris. Clogged catch basin can also lead to water pooling in your parking lot.

4.     Repair Cracks

Seal small cracks immediately as they can cause exponential damage to your asphalt parking lot. During winter, the freeze-thaw cycle will convert small cracks into large ones. Professional parking lot repairs can help you patch the small cracks before they damage your vehicle and property. Repairing small cracks will help you maintain your parking lot for a longer duration.

5.     Regular Cleaning

Clean dirt, trash and debris from your parking lot frequently. Excessive dirt can damage the sealcoat making the parking lot more vulnerable to damage. Frequent cleaning can also help you get rid of oil stains from the parking lot. Though sealcoat will help prevent permanent oil damage, it is important to clean these oil stains as soon as possible.

6.     Paint Coating

Paint your parking lot with new stripes once they start to deteriorate. Changing the stripes can also prevent usage of the same spot each time for parking. Additionally, yellow safety coating can be seen in the dark and helps with parking visibility.

Maintaining your parking lot can improve the aesthetic appeal of your curb and increase the safety of drivers and pedestrians. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, get in touch with a professional for maintenance services. Marcine & Roussel Company provides a wide range of maintenance and construction property management services. We create a customized plan of action by assessing your needs. We also offer common property management solutions, asphalt paving repair and commercial snow removal services.

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