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Common Property Management Solutions for Your Business

Owning a business or property is a lot of work. On top of attending to the day-to-day operations, you also need to make sure that the property is in good condition. This means attending to the tidiness and beauty of the exterior space, dealing with ice and snow buildup, and renovating and repairing the building. Fortunately, you can turn to professionals to perform these tasks. And, what’s more, you can hire a single company to accomplish them all. Here are three common services that a property management company can offer you.

1. Landscaping and litter removal

Your outdoor space is an extension of your business or property, but an attractive outdoor space is about more than just a well-tended lawn. A professional landscaping crew can make your building positively inviting by planting, pruning and shaping shrubs and trees, planting flowers, installing gravel and mulch and adding other landscaping features that present your business in the best light. Be sure to look for a company that offers litter removal services. It’s not much use having a beautiful exterior if litter and waste impede it.

2. Snow removal and ice control
Proper snow removal is indispensable during the winter months. A snowy or icy sidewalk or parking lot isn’t only a nuisance to customers and employees, it’s also unsafe. It could be reason enough to cause a customer to stop patronizing your establishment. Even worse, someone could slip and get injured. A property management company like Marcine & Roussel Company provides you with the following:

                • Snow plowing and clearing
                • Salting and sanding
                • Offsite snow hauling
                • Snow melting

3. Construction and repairs
Renovations and repair work are an inevitable component of owning a business or property. Repairs are part and parcel of the normal upkeep of a building but renovations are important to the growth of your business.

An attractive office or business space draws clients and customers. Moreover, intelligent workspace layouts increase employee productivity and satisfaction. For this reason, business and property owners tend to view renovations as an investment.

Marcine & Roussel Company offers an array of construction services, including restorations and alterations, concrete installation and repairs, light industrial work and demolition.

A Property Management Company in Toronto You Can Count On

Are you looking for a professional contractor that provides all these services and more? Then reach out to the team at Marcine & Roussel Company. We can help you meet all your property management needs. For a free quote or to discuss your vision for your Toronto property, call or email us today.