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We would like to inform you that we at Marcine Group will remain open through these difficult times and we assure compliance of all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. We thank you for your trust and truly appreciate your business.


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Trusted Commercial Property Maintenance Company in Toronto

As they say, the first impression is the last, it truly holds good for your commercial building. When a client walks through your building pathway, he should be greeted with nothing but elegance. Personalized commercial property maintenance services offered by the Marcine & Roussel Company in Toronto are one of the best ways to save a considerable amount of time and effort needed to be on top of every detail. We are a locally-owned property maintenance company that has been shaping the buildings of the people for over 34 years and has been a talk of the town due to our quality and excellence. Our experts give their due attention in fulfilling all your unique requirements and leaving you with a satisfactory smile. We specialize in serving all types of commercial and industrial properties including office buildings, service stations, condominiums, retail properties and industrial buildings.


Our Services

Quality building maintenance is a prerequisite to impress your clientele. Whether you own a shopping centre or an industrial facility, our professionally trained staff works round the clock to provide you with reliable and competitive solutions. Marcine & Roussel Company takes care of every square foot of your building and provides you with attentive services exceeding your expectations Our services include:

  • Litter removal
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal and ice control

Keep Your Landscaping Beautiful

Install beautiful and tidy landscape in front of your commercial building. When people visit you, they form an immediate opinion about you. Do you care to make a positive impact? Allow our professionals to keep your property best all year round with our landscaping and litter control services. From lawn cutting to fertilizing and spraying, our team is fully equipped to handle properties of all sizes around Toronto, including business parks and condominiums. We are committed to delivering aesthetic excellence at an affordable cost that is customized as per your request. So, next time if your lawn has been damaged, or you have debris lying around your property, let our landscape professionals take care of the repair and replacement so you can concentrate on getting back to business!

Patrons Stay Safe with Snow Removal & Ice Control

Property maintenance during the winter months can be downright dangerous. Before winters hit you, our professionals will already be on the floor, ready with their snow removal preparation techniques. Marcine & Roussel Company monitor the weather 24/7 and have our fleet ready at first sight of snow and ice. Depend on our services for snow removal to maintain your parking lots, sidewalks, walkways and staircases — keeping your property accessible and hazard-free. With changing weather patterns in the GTA, ice buildup is another big concern. We’ll work closely with you to address all of the problematic areas around your property and create safe access to your office building, commercial storefront, or apartment building after each snowfall.


Durable & High-Quality Asphalt Maintenance & Repairs

Damaged roads or pavements can result in accidents and might cause harm to you and your visitors. It is important to relay and maintain the area around your property for easy access. Marcine & Roussel Company help in regular maintenance and repair of the roads and pavements with durable, reliable and highly resistant asphalt that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our experienced contractors specialize in prompt asphalt maintenance and repair needs to keep your pavement in the best shape.


Keep Your Property Clean With Janitorial & Cleaning Services in Toronto

At Marcine & Roussel Company, we can provide you with customized cleaning services for your premises. Having served commercial clients for years, we understand the cleaning requirements of commercial facilities entirely. Regardless of the nature of the property, we can ensure that our experts will advise you with the best cleaning solutions and perform a thorough job. From carpet cleaning and window cleaning to floor scrubbing and kitchen cleaning, we can completely take care of all your commercial cleaning needs in the most non-intrusive manner.


Custom cleaning procedures keep your properties well-maintained and orderly. A hygienic office or business facility keeps your customers and employees healthy and happy. The commercial janitorial services at Marcine & Roussel Company are available only during holidays and after working hours, to avoid interruption to regular operations. Daytime cleaning of common areas is also done efficiently by our skilled cleaning contractors.


Pocket-Friendly Parking Lot Maintenance in Toronto

A broken driveway can reflect poorly on your business and might degrade the curbside appeal of your property. You must keep your driveway in shipshape to keep appearances up and ensure the safety of your patrons. At Marcine & Roussel Company, we can help you fix the cracks and faults in your parking lot to ensure that it is restored to an immaculate condition.


Toronto is one of the popular cities prone to parking lot damage due to heavy rain and snowfall. Parking lot maintenance can become quite costly if the signs of damage are ignored for long. Winter, spring, summer and fall, Marcine & Roussel Company takes care of it all! Contact us for general inquires, pricing and references related to parking repair and maintenance. We would be happy to provide you with a free, competitive proposal.


Why Choose Us?

Over the years of providing services to clients across Toronto, we have acquired valuable experience and expertise in performing all kinds of maintenance and repairing jobs efficiently. Our workmen are committed to providing you with complete satisfaction with their services, giving you transparent, timely and cost-effective solutions as per your requirements.


Our extensive network of suppliers, full range of services, and well-thought-out management systems ensure our team is ready to tackle any challenge! We are a value-driven business dedicated to rendering high-quality services to our patrons while providing them with the promise of reliability and honest pricing. Our broad clientele across Toronto is a resounding testimony to the quality and efficacy of our services. Call us today to know more about our reliable and affordable property maintenance services in Toronto.

Trusted Property Maintenance Company in Toronto

We can provide you with complete property maintenance services in Toronto, from cleaning and janitorial services, to repair and maintenance services.

Marcine & Roussel Company

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